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Carb Card

As Rob was buckling down and learning the math behind how much insulin he should take per x amount of carbs, I recreated a carb card I found online. The card was created in Excel. Its two sheets. One is the outside cover and the other is the card that slides in and out. I printed them out from a nice color printer on card stock then cut, stapled and glued the pieces together. You should be able to easily modify it to fit your own carb:insulin ratio. You can look up all kinds of information about carb cards but don't waste your money on one...being diabetic is expensive enough, give your bank account a break every chance you get!

Please don't try to figure out the ratio on your own, it can be very dangerous, especially if you’re new at this. If your math is wrong and you take too much or too little insulin, you risk the possibility of passing out. Rob's doctors first gave him a ratio of 8:1 (1 unit of insulin per 8grams of carb). After a few weeks it was apparent that the math was a bit off (Rob's sugar was dropping to 65 regularly and he had to eat heavy meals every hour to keep his sugar up) so after a few weeks they settled on 12:1. That ratio worked very well for Rob until 6 months later. He had been working out 4-5 days a week and lost 25 lbs. He noticed he was feeling sick throughout the day, getting headaches and his sugar was lower than usual. He went to visit his doctors and pretty much got chewed out for not telling them he had lost weight. Apparently, he is suppose to call them every time he drops 5 lbs so they can change his carb to insulin ratio. He is now on a 25:1 and feeling fabulous.