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Rob and I have started eating smoothies in the morning. Its good for Rob because I guess he doesn’t believe in breakfast, unless its payday which apparently means breakfast buritos. Anyways, I’ve been on him for years about eating more while at work. I kid you not, that man eats like a cup of cottage cheese and thai spiced cashews all day and drinks coffee. That’s it. Then he wonders why his sugar is so low when he gets home or why he has no energy through-out the day dispite his 2 large coffees with double-shots of espresso in each.

Then we bought the Vitamix. I’ve wanted this bad boy ever since I read the raw food cookbook I raved about last year. Finally with the idea he got from his friend about making green smoothies in the morning, the blender is MINE!!!! Well, I guess ours. But make no mistake. That blender loves me more, much like our cats. Don’t tell Rob though, he lives in denial on both counts. I could have purchased it on my own but I have a hard time spending that much money on an item I may use only once a month. When Rob mentioned he would be interested in using it for breakfast, its like the sun broke through the clouds and a ray of light fell upon the ATM linked to our joint account. I am more than happy to spend half that amount on an item I only use once a month…much like shoes. Not that I have ever spent $200 on shoes but if I fell in love with them…who’s to say I wouldn’t.

Anyways, it has been an adventure trying to balance out a tasty drink made with fruit and kale. You would think tasty sweet fruit would over power anything, but that is not the case. That raw kale punches you right in the taste buds. My first attempt produced a grainy green glop that I eventually threw out because I really believed the taste would kill me.

After a couple of weeks of testing, I think we finally have something down that isn’t too high in carbs, contains proteins and the right kinds of fat. Though I think Rob is afraid to shop with me now because he figures what ever crazy unidentifiable food item I put in my cart is going to end up in his smoothie cup later, like beet greens. He’s probably correct.

Our current ingredients for 2 servings are:
1 tbsp raw almonds
1 tbsp chia seeds
2 scoops whey protein powder (approx 20g of protein)
1 banana
1/2 c frozen fruit (strawberries, cherries)
Kale filled to the top of the blender
1 c water.

Myfitnesspal says the nutrition for 1 serving is-
Calories: 321
Carbs: 32
Fat: 9

I’ve also made this with silken tofu and yogurt in place of whey but the protein powder I bought is vanilla flavored which I SWEAR helps get rid of the kale taste and I need that.

With 2 cups Fage Greek yogurt (plain, 0% fat)

With 1/2 a packgage of Nasoya Silken Tofu
Calories: 301
Carbs: 29
Fat: 11
Protein: 18
I played with a coffee, banana, tofu shake recipe I found online and I really liked it except I can’t do milk so I used more coffee. For those who may not know, I’m convinced that by drinking cow’s milk, my skin will smell like sour milk. You’re thinking I’m crazy and its all in my head but its real and its also really gross! Rob was not a fan so I haven’t made it since but it’s worth checking out.

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